Unesco World Heritage Site, Avignon hidden behind its superbly preserved ramparts awaits you for an astonishing and fascinating discovery!
After crossing one of the seven main gates, immerse yourself in the history of this Popes' City with the famous and must-see Palace of the Popes. You can't avoid the famous Bridge of Avignon (Saint-Bénézet), do not hesitate to hum the song "Sur le Pont d'Avignon, on y danse, on y danse ..."

Stroll in the air, loose yourself in the streets and alleys at the turn of a square, each of them will tell you its history, here a church, a chapel, an old theater or a mansion ... You will find this sweetness of life and this unique Provencal charm that will leave you undoubtedly under the spell!
Enjoy one of the many terraces for a drink in the shade of a plane tree or enjoy a tasty Provencal specialty in a restaurant of the city.
No doubt you are in the south of France, so take some time to relax. We wish you an excellent visit.